Despierta @belib!!!! #grafidiariodt #calligraphy

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183 – Celebrate small things

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Visited a friends office in downtown SF and had to sneak in some inappropriate dry-erase window art! #calligraphy #calligraffiti #letttering #sf

blackvioletyink whispered: Hello this is insanely random but I just wanted to swing by to give you a hug of love and smiles *HUG* I actually found your blog through my (still failing) attempts at coming up with a url for a second writing blog HAHA and your lovely url aside I love your art urps especially as a person with terrible handwriting and art skills (does that mean I have terrible control over my hands?!) ok this was random eep I hope you have a lovely day ahead!

this is adorable aah you totally made my day! thank you so much; hope your day is as wonderful as you are /hugs back


Just a doodle.

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Working on branding design!

I’ve decided to make a logo for my paintings, photography, and other designs. I wanted the logo to reflect the kinds of designs I do, so I went with a script look. I used my initials and titled it “MDA Creations.” Not too creative, but it’s simple and I like it. :) Here’s what I ended up with!

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